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North Ridge Hearing offers the Top Five manufacturers latest hearing technology paired with a WI/MN state licensed audiologist with over 13 years experience. A person can expect to receive the best technology at the very best value. We have prices to suit all budgets.

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Nearly 1 in 5 Americans has Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues in the world. Nearly one in five Americans age 12 and older experience hearing loss severe enough to interfere with daily communication.
There are many reasons for the high number of cases, with a longer-living population high on the list. Age related hearing loss is the slow loss of hearing that occurs as people get older.

Main causes of hearing loss:

  • Aging
  • Repeated exposure to loud noises
  • Infections
  • Injuries to the head and ear
  • Birth defects or genetics
  • Adverse reaction to some drug treatments

There are potentially, numerous negative effects of hearing loss.

Many people put off getting help for their hearing loss because they think their loss is not significant. Research has linked untreated hearing loss to significant issues such as:

  • Irritability, negativism, and anger
  • Fatigue, tension, stress and depression
  • Avoidance or withdrawal from social situations
  • Social rejection and loneliness
  • Reduced alertness and increased risk of personal injury
  • Impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks
  • Reducing job performance and earning potential
  • Diminished psychological and overall health
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At North Ridge Hearing Company we always prioritize the comfort and relief of our patients when we do a hearing test. Our audiologists have an in-depth understanding of how challenging life can be for people living with a hearing impairment. It is for this reason that we operate with utmost care and compassion, making sure that we help each patient in his or her journey towards regaining what was lost.

Benefits of Seeing An Audiologist versus a Hearing Instrument Specialist

One of the many questions that people ask about hearing loss treatment is which hearing healthcare professional to see. Just like in any other field, there are different kinds of practitioners concerned with hearing loss treatment. You need to gauge which professional is most likely to meet your unique needs. Here are some differences between an audiologist and a hearing instrument specialist (HIS).

Training and education

The major difference between an audiologist and a HIS is their level of training and education. An audiologist has at least a Master’s Degree in Audiology. Some audiologists also have Doctorates in their respective field. This means six to eight years of training in audiology. On the other hand, an HIS or dispenser typically has a college degree that trains for vocation and applied skills rather than research. In many states, HIS only need a high school diploma for them to get a license to practice.

Scope of practice

The next major distinction between an audiologist and an HIS is their scope of practice. An audiologist is authorized to work with a wide array of people, ranging from infants, adults and elderly to people with special needs. They are trained for full diagnostic evaluations of the patient’s entire auditory system, from the outer ear to the brain. This makes it very important for you to see an audiologist if you don’t know what the cause of your hearing loss is. Since audiologists are concerned with the pathology behind hearing loss, they are the medical specialists who deal with figuring out the root cause of hearing loss.

An HIS, in contrast, is strictly concerned with carrying out hearing evaluations for the purpose of fitting hearing aids. If your sole purpose in visiting a healthcare professional is to get hearing aids fitted, then seeing a HIS will be right choice for you. Unlike audiologists, HIS can only work with the adult population for their hearing loss needs. HIS are not allowed to diagnose hearing loss or other pathologies and can only perform testing for the purpose of programming a hearing aid.

However, one of the most important aspects of success in the field of medical science is experience and attitude. Despite having lesser formal training than audiologists, some HIS can have a long spanning experience in the field that makes them very efficient at what they do. They are the right choice for someone who needs to get hearing aids fitted, but not the right choice for someone who has never had a diagnostic evaluation done to determine the cause of their hearing loss.

What our Clients have to Say

I am a user of a single hearing aid as one side of my hearing was damaged probably from years of hunting without ear plugs. When I first had my hearing tested I did not believe my hearing was bad. Deirdre helped me realize my loss. She then helped me select an excellent hearing aid that now I can not do without. Her knowledge, experience, and friendly service is greatly appreciated. I have purchased two hearing aids from North Ridge Hearing and will go back when I need my current one replaced. I would strongly recommend getting a free hearing test done and getting a hearing aid from North Ridge Hearing if you need one.



The quality of care given by Deirdre was beyond my expectations. She is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely cares about her patients. I always enjoy her company.



I appreciate the kindness and caring of everyone on staff at North Ridge Hearing. They respond quickly and thoroughly to my questions and needs.



A friend recommended Deirdre from North Ridge Hearing to me. I was impressed by her professionalism and her background and education. I have enjoyed working with Deirdre becuase she is passionate about what she does and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help me. She replies quickly to my questions and requests for batteries or adjustments to my hearing aids. She is easy to work with and a joy to be around. I would gladly refer her to my friends and family.



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