About Us

North Ridge Hearing Company is a hometown business that specializes in doing hearing tests and providing state-of-the-art hearing aids at a very reasonable cost. Our services include:

  • Hearing evaluation
  • Evaluating the hearing loss condition of a patient
  • Treating hearing loss
  • Rehabilitation
  • Fitting of hearing aids
  • Hearing aid maintenance & repair
  • Treatment of other hearing loss related complications

Seven Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves
  • Turning the TV to a volume others find loud
  • Having trouble understanding conversations in noisy places
  • Difficulty hearing women and children’s voices
  • Feeling like others are mumbling
  • Avoiding social situations that were once enjoyable
  • Being told by others that you have hearing loss.

Our Commitment

North Ridge Hearing Company was founded by audiologist Deirdre Worrell in 2009. In order to provide a wide range of audiology services to those struggling with hearing loss, we have 3 convenient locations – Hudson, Pepin, and Amery.

North Ridge Hearing Company is a proud member of the American Speech and Hearing Association and the Fellow American Academy of Audiology.

Holding Three Hearing Aids

Meet our Audiologist

Deirdre Worrell, our certified audiologist, holds a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders. She is a Minnesota and Wisconsin state-licensed audiologist and a Speech and Language Pathologist. Deirdre is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and has her Certification of Clinical Competency from the American Speech and Hearing Association. She has been providing audiology services to the Twin Cities area for more than 12 years.

In addition to her audiology services, Deirdre is the author of the children’s book,Grandpa Says “What?”, which takes readers through the hearing aid fitting process in a creative and humorous manner.

What to Expect

There’s nothing to it

The most difficult step in improving your hearing is the first one: recognizing you need to find out more about your hearing loss and improving your situation. After that, it’s easy. Simply schedule your initial hearing consultation. Most appointments consist of these four steps:

1) Hearing Analysis
Your ears will be visually examined and you’ll be tested with the latest standard-of- care methods and technology to determine the type of hearing loss you have. Your results will be illustrated in an audiogram that the hearing professional will walk
you through. An impression of your ear anatomy may also be made with putty to determine if certain styles (like invisible hearing aids) are appropriate.

2) Lifestyle Discussion
You will be asked about the types of places and listening environments you frequent to determine the range of sound settings and technological features appropriate for your lifestyle.

3) Solution Options
There are different hearing aids that are designed for your level of hearing loss as well as your preferences for size, color and invisibility.

4) Budget Discussion
Your hearing professional will help you narrow down your choice of hearing instruments based on the investment you are comfortable making. You will also discuss insurance and/or financing options.

cleaning  Hearing Aids

We Guarantee

We guarantee to provide all our patients an opportunity to enjoy life like they have never before by helping them to hear again.

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