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Our in-house audiologists conduct hearing tests by appointment in our hearing aid store. Our audiologists are highly trained professionals who can make a helpful evaluation of your hearing condition. A hearing test will help us determine the extent of your hearing loss and the possibility of other complications that are a known prelude to hearing loss.

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Our Amery, Wisconsin hearing store is open to accommodate you should you wish to have yourself checked. Or if you are someone who has been using a hearing aid for quite some time and you are seeking to get an upgrade, we can also help you with that. You will find our staff very helpful when you come for a consultation.

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If you are experiencing hearing loss for the first time, we highly recommend undergoing a hearing test to determine the extent of the problem. Our in-house audiologist can give you helpful answers after an in-depth evaluation of your condition. They can also make sound recommendations about how to best remedy your hearing problem. We are committed to present all potential remedies to your condition, and we also help you determine what would work best for you.


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Our hearing aid store is no ordinary store. For a lot of patients who come visit us even for the first time, they find solace and relief after the trip. One of our goals is to reach out to patients and support them in any way that we can so that they can overcome their hearing loss condition and still live productive and normal lives.

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Hearing Loss Indicators

  • You often find yourself asking the person you are talking to, to repeat what he just said.
  • Your television or radio unit at home is turned up louder than usual.
  • You can barely hear natural sounds outdoors such as the chirping of birds, the honking of distant cars and other day-to-day things you hear.
  • Conversing with another person becomes exhausting as they always seem to be mumbling.
  • There are times you do not hear the ringing of your own phone
  • You no longer easily hear the doorbell when you are at home.

These indicators of a potential hearing loss in the making should be taken seriously, and actionable steps are highly recommended in order to prevent further damage inside the ear. Early detection is always helpful.Some people choose not visit an audiologist at first due to the following reasons:

  • Denial
  • Accepting the fact that something must be wrong with your hearing can be tough. Maybe you started to think that the signs may just be temporary and that they will eventually go away. Before you know it, the problem has escalated into something more serious.

  • Lack of understanding
  • Most people do not really know how to explain what is happening to them. This is why it would help if you visit a professional who can help you

  • Unfounded fears.

Some people think too far ahead. They fear rejection, being bullied, being isolated, losing their friends, not being able to live a normal life anymore, and so many other possibilities. Thinking too far ahead and dwelling on the negative side of things can jeopardize your chance to really rehabilitating yourself.

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